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The Earth Child Books Series

This collection of Celtic-inspired folklore is a beautiful introduction to the world of natural beauty and magic.  Learn the seasons of the year, hunt for your birthstone, birth flower, birth animal, and Druidic tree.  Discover the meaning and magic of each full moon and the way the great Wheel of the Year shapes and informs our human lives.  Revel in a bit of song and dance to augment your own rituals, circles, and celebrations.  And now, even a book for the youngest of earth-lovers, a simple and beautiful introduction to the cycle of life.

A magical, nature-loving, walk through the seasons and moons of the year. Children can search for birthstones, magical animals and trees, and learn the cycle of birth, life, death and spiritual renewal. With glimmers of the myths and legends of natural Celtic lore, children will discover new things each time they explore the book.. Click to see more and to purchase. . .

Poetry and song for the seasons.

Written in Celtic style, there is a poem for each month, plus "The Brave Earth Child." A wonderful companion to An Earth Child's Book of the Year. Click here to see more or to purchase.

An Earth Child's Book for the Very Young

Welcome to the world, little human! Delight in the natural world and the endless cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth is the theme of this book for very young children. Earth, air, fire, and water, the seasons, animals, birds, fish, human culture, all of these are laid out for little earth-lovers in the simplest terms and with heartwarming illustrations.  Click here to read more or to purchase.

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