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Changes and Challenges:
Help Along the Way

From parental conflict and divorce to stepfamilies, moving to a new location, starting school, and more, children face a lot of changes and challenges in their young lives.  As a child and family psychologist of many years, Dr. Camden loves to offer stories for children and support for parents, therapists, teachers, and other caring grown ups, to help children navigate challenges.  

Children's book about parental conflict:  My Parents are Fighting Again

When parents fight, children suffer. While parental conflict is a difficult subject, it's too important to children to ignore. In this story, the focus is less on the fighting parents and more on the feelings the child experiences--with help for how to deal with them.

Children's book about blended families, stepfamilies, in which the older children go back and forth but the youngest doesn't:  Where Do My Brother and Sister Go?

There are plenty of books for children whose parents have gone through divorce. But what about the children that come later? These are the little "ours" children in the "yours, mine, and ours" families of modern times. These little ones have questions of their own about where their older half-siblings go, who this other parent is, what makes a "real" parent versus a "step" parent and so on. Where Do My Brother and Sister Go? is written just for them! With simple language, and heartwarmingly beautiful illustrations of contemporary family life, this book answers questions, explores feelings, and reminds everyone in a blended or stepfamily what really matters the most.

Children's book about transitions between two homes for children of divorce:  Going Back and Forth:  A Joint Custody Story

Ethan loves both his mom and his dad, but going back and forth between two homes is hard! Joint custody allows children whose parents are divorced or separated lots of time with each parent, but the actual transitions back and forth can be tough. Children will relate to Ethan's changing feelings as he goes from his dad's house to his mom's house. Parents get nice modeling on how to help their children.

giraffe cover for wix_edited.jpg

Tiny Giraffe is moving! Sweet and relatable Tiny Giraffe is the perfect pal to guide little ones through the emotional rollercoaster of saying goodbye to the comfort and familiarity of a current home, while also welcoming new beginnings. This sweet story was written by a seasoned child psychologist for her own grandchild who moved to a new and different home. Full of empathy, Tiny Giraffe's Big Adventure normalizes all the tricky feelings of sadness, uncertainty, nervousness, excitement, courage, adventure, and joy that come with relocation. Like a cozy blanket, Tiny Giraffe's Big Adventure wraps children in comfort and warmth as they deal with moving.

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