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Welcome to Camden Bookshop!

​Special books fo​r special kids. . .and the adults who care about them.

Who are we?

Camden Boo​kshop is the online presence of Dawn & Dusk Publications, LLC, a tiny, independent publishing company in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Dawn & Dusk is owned by Colorado child and family psychologist and children's author, Dr. Marian Camden, and passionate nature-loving earth-worshipper, Marigold Blythe, mistress and goddess of all things Earth Child. Marigold inspires and plays, and Dr. Camden does the practical work. . . 

Who are y​ou?

You might be a mom or dad, grandparent, child therapist, teacher, godparent, or friend.  If you are here, you love books and you love kids!  Maybe you need a sensitive book to help a child with a difficult subject like divorce.  Or perhaps you are seeking a bit of magick and mystery.  You will find both on our site.  Please enjoy browsing our collection to find what might be just right for your special child.​

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